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Why Should I Service My Transmission?

Transmission fluid is a lot like engine oil, in that it helps lubricate and protect components from damaging wear.

If serviced regularly, your automatic transmission should give you dependable service that lasts the life of your vehicle. Most people are unaware that it actually costs less to service and maintain their transmission compared to their vehicle's engine.

All transmission fluids have additives which aid in reducing wear. Heat causes transmission fluid additives to breakdown. Over time, transmission fluid becomes contaminated with clutch materials and microscopic metal particles. Additive breakdown and contamination can cause premature wear and shorten the life of your vehicle's transmission.

all-metal transmission plate
In the past, transmission plates were all metal.


fiber clutch transmission plate
Most modern transmissions use a fiber clutch plate which requires special friction modifiers in the fluid.


worn fiber clutch transmission plate
As these modifiers begin to wear out, the fiber clutch plate begins to wear out as well.


smooth, worn clutch plate
Once the grooved surface of the clutch plate is worn smooth, the fluid can no longer properly protect your transmission.


dangerously worn transmission plate
Then it's time for a costly transmission repair or replacement!


Most of the transmissions today use electronics to improve mileage along with special lubricants which help them last much longer. These fluids are more expensive but do a much better job in the computer controlled transmissions. Most manufactures recommend routine service at 30, 000 to 40, 000 mile intervals. Most people don't realize it actually costs almost 50% less to service their transmission compared to doing oil changes regularly.

Oil changes every 3, 000 miles × 12 (36, 000) miles at $35.00 each = $420.00
Transmission flush at 36, 000 miles (synthetic fluid) = $195.00
Transmission flush at 36, 000 miles (dexron III) = $150.00

Protect the investment you have in your vehicle... ask us today if you are due for a transmission service.

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